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WHY DO PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS CHARGE WHAT THEY CHARGE? – Private Investigators in Texas are licensed professionals just like lawyers, doctors, plumbers, or electricians. When you hire a licensed private investigator, you are most likely going to pay for the investigator’s time and travel expenses. At first many people are surprised at the cost required for an investigation, especially one that requires a lot of surveillance. “You charge that much to just sit there and take a picture” is an often heard statement from potential clients. When you hire a private investigator you are paying for years of training, education, and experience from a credible and insured third party who’s evidence and testimony should with stand scrutiny in a court room if necessary. If you think a private investigator is expensive, wait until you or your friend is forced to take off work and testify that the evidence was obtained legally and properly. Furthermore, once your subject’s counsel discovers the evidence was not collected by a licensed investigator, they could move to have you and your friend charged with a crime, the evidence tossed from court, and/or sanctions against your side in your court case. When you add up the cost of losing your case, going to jail, and wasting a lot of people’s time including your own for nothing, a licensed investigator’s rate does not seem so expensive.