FM Detective Agency, LLC


WHAT IF I CAN NOT AFFORD A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR? – A better question might be, can you afford not to have a licensed private investigator? Too often people spend thousands of dollars on an attorney or a wedding just to realize a few hundred dollars on a private investigator might have won the case for them or revealed the truth about their future spouse. We understand sometimes there are extenuating circumstances such as a spouse that only has access to joint funds and any payments to a private investigator would jeopardize the investigation. In these cases, we suggest you contact us and we might be able to arrange payment upon contingency. These cases are accepted on a case by case basis and if successful our fee will be more expensive than if you paid in advance. We will also consider factors like your previous credit history, assets, and ability to pay if our fee is due. Contact someone at 214-971-8408 if you wish to discuss this type of arrangement.