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What Exactly Does A Private Investigator Do?

WHY EXACTLY DOES A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR DO? – Private investigators are professional information gathers and providers of sworn testimony when necessary for our clients. No investigator can “guarantee” a specific outcome or result. If the information you seek does not exist or is not legally obtainable then we can not do anything about it. A good investigator however, is resourceful, creative, and tenacious. Any good investigator has a working to expert knowledge of the law, local court records, photography, geography, psychology, interviewing skills, technology, and the natural curiosity to learn about anything they don’t already know about. They are also licensed, insured, required to submit fingerprints, and pass an FBI level background check. The State of Texas requires all private investigators to submit to all those requirements to protect the public and ensure that you are hiring someone whom’s testimony and evidence will be worth something in court. Hiring an unlicensed person to investigate, conduct surveillance, or gather evidence is a CLASS A MISDEMEANOR for the person hiring and the person hired in Texas. It is a serious crime. Additionally, any evidence collected by the unlicensed individual could be ruled inadmissible in court and further scrutiny could result in civil and criminal penalties.