FM Detective Agency, LLC

Rates For All Investigative Services

Surveillance- Surveillance is as much art as it is science. When you hire us to do surveillance we understand that there are no second chances. Once your subject realizes they are under surveillance, your case might be lost. Therefore, we only use experienced investigators to provide the best results. Good surveillance is methodical, patient, and persistent, it can not be rushed or done haphazardly. People that cut corners or look for a bargain when they look for surveillance are often very disappointed when they reap the consequences. When you pay us to conduct surveillance you are purchasing our skill and experience. 

Surveillance Prices are $85 an hour with a four hour minimum. We do require a non-refundable minimum retainer of $349 (four hours) to start any work and reserve the right to suspend operations if your balance drops below zero. We do offer special payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis if you plan on conducting more than two or three full days of surveillance and open billing/discounts for law offices. Contact us at 214-971-8408 to discuss.

We do not charge for travel time or mileage to or from the location as long as it is with in 35 miles of our home office. Once we travel more than 35 miles we will begin deducting travel time and charging .29 cents per mile traveled. We will charge travel time and mileage at the same rate during surveillance and until we travel back with in 35 miles of our home office. Most of the Metroplex will be covered and deductions for travel are usually minimal. All investigators are tracked through GPS while in the field and verification of travel is available upon request.

Our investigators will need a minimum of 30-45 minutes to arrive at the location and set up surveillance. We do not charge for time drafting reports and summaries like other agencies do either. All evidence gathered is stored locally on our hard drives and on a cloud server that you may access and download directly to your device. We preserve all evidence indefinitely and will continue to provide access to it as long as we are in business.


Background Checks- We provide background checks at the following rates:

Full Texas Criminal History: $39

Full Texas Criminal and Civil History $49

Nationwide* Criminal History: $99

Nationwide* Criminal and Civil History: $129

*There is no nationwide criminal or civil database for most filings. We will search all local records, federal records and records in previous states that subject has lived in during our “nationwide” search.

Testimony- We charge $150 per half day and $300 per full day any time the investigator is required or asked to show up for court and testify.

 All Other Services- Anything not previously listed will most likely be billed at $85 per hour plus .30 per mile for travel in excess of 50 miles. This includes, corporate investigators, theft cases, asset recovery, missing persons, criminal defense investigations, Title IX investigations, mystery shopper investigation, audits, copyright infringement investigations. Call us at 214-971-8408 so we can discuss your needs and determine what an appropriate retainer would be on your case.