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How To Stop Revenge Pornography

This guide is intended to be a helpful guide to those dealing with revenge pornography, harassment, and stalking. Nothing in this guide shall constitute legal advice of create any type of relationship between the reader and FM Detective Agency, LLC. This guide is for informational purposes only, you should make your own decisions for each case.

Revenge Pornography is a form of harassment where one person threatens or disseminates nude pictures or pictures depicting the victim engaged in sexual activity as defined Texas Penal Code Section 21.16 .These crimes usually occur due to harassment over the end of  relationship. What should one do if they are the target of such criminal activity including harassment and stalking? 

DOCUMENT AND PRESERVE: The Texas Penal Code narrowly defines each offense and there are certain criteria referred to as elements that a peace officer must reasonably believe have occurred in order to make an arrest. Any text messages, call logs, or call recordings you have must be saved and presented to the officer when a complaint is made. Backup and save all the evidence you have on a cloud service such as Dropbox or google drive, you never want it all in once place. Take notes, depicted the time, data and where any relevant events occurred.

REPORT EACH OFFENSE OR THREAT 911 WHEN IT HAPPENS: As previously addressed the threat to disseminate nude photos and video or images the show one engaged in sexual activity is an offense. The perpetrator does not actually have to fulfill the threat for it to be a crime. Even if the police do not appear to take your complaint seriously, record the date, time and phone number you called from to report the offense.

CONSIDER HIRING A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: As a private investigator we can help you document and protect your self from being a victim of revenge porn. The criminal statute is relatively new and many police departments are still developing their own policies on how to handle these cases. A concise report and investigation may help you get justice. Also, revenge porn is usually accompanied by other offenses such as, assault and harassment. Furthermore, civil infractions such as defamation, slander, and libel might result in a restraining order, injunction or even monetary relief in your favor if provable in court. A good investigator can help you document these offenses so the authorities can prosecute your case and/or your attorney can file a suit against the individual to help your recoup damages and expenses.