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Holiday Troubles Bring Out The Signs Of Cheating And Infidelity

There are two times of year when divorce attorneys know they will see an uptick in filings for divorce, new year’s and the end of the school year. The reason is obvious as the first step to divorce is a legal separation and who wants to to move the kids and disrupt things when waiting a month or two will make things easier for everyone. However, what might not get noticed as much is how the holidays can really make the signs that your partner is not faithful painfully obvious. Before most people physically disconnect from a relationship, they do so emotionally first. Here are the signs one should look for during the holidays.
  1. Unjustified or unexplained changes in spending habits when it comes to gifts with in-laws.
  2. Unwillingness to spend time with in-laws as they did in prior years.
  3. Spending time alone with their side of the family for the holidays if this has not been the norm.
  4. Any unexplained change in not wanting to observe family traditions that were previously very important
  5. Spending more time than usual on social media or texting with unknown parties over the holidays. Holidays are disruptive to the patterns of cheaters. They might have to spend an inordinate amount of time reassuring their lover that they are not married or not spending time with their family.
If you suspect your spouse is cheating you deserve to know the truth. We always encourage you to talk to your partner first and see if you can get your answers that way. However, if you can’t get the truth the you should call us 214-971-8408 at FM Detective Agency, LLC to see if we can help you uncover the truth. If you have already decided you need to file divorce or have any other family law matters we recommend Michelle Garza at Garza Law Firm, LLP 214-295-5600